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A-1 Pictures Inc. (株式会社エー・ワン・ピクチャーズ, Kabushiki-gaisha Ē Wan Pikuchāzu) is a Japanese animation studio founded by ex-Sunrise producer Mikihiro Iwata, a subsidiary of Sony Music Entertainment (Japan)'s anime production firm Aniplex.

The studio's works are Big Windup!, Zenmai Zamurai, Persona: Trinity Soul, Birdy The Mighty: Decode, Valkyria Chronicles, Kannagi, Wagnaria!!, Fairy Tail, Black Butler, Togainu no Chi, Fractale, Blue Exorcist, Anohana, Uta no Prince-sama, The Idolmaster, Sword Art Online, Chosoku Henkei Gyrozetter, Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic/Kingdom of Magic, Oreshura, Vividred Operation, Oreimo 2, Servant x Service, Silver Spoon, Galilei Donna, and currently World Conquest Zvezda Plot, Sword Art Online II, Silver Spoon II, the Fairy Tail continuation and Ryugajo Nanana no Maizokin

A-1 Pictures and Sunrise will be the animation work of the anime series, Harmony Unleashed: Equestrian Trinity, with direction by Hajime Kamegaki and a story by Aaron Montalvo. Also, A-1 Pictures and Tatsunoko will develop a nes anime series for Harmony Unleashed, with the name of "Crossing Arrows" directed by Keiichi Satou and written by Akatsuki Yamatoya

Works Involved in HUEdit

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