No Title
Genres 2D Action/Adventure Side-scrolling Game
Crew Aaron Montalvo (story)
Atsushi Nishigori & Yoh Yoshinari (art designers/original character designers)
Michiru Yamane (composer)
Jake Kaufman (assistant composer)
Developer(s) A.M. Games
Arc System Works
Wayforward Technologies
Publisher(s) Namco Bandai Games Inc.
Platform(s) PlayStation Portable
Nintendo DS
PlayStation Vita
Nintendo 3DS

Home Edition:
PC/MAC (Steam)
Release Date Q1 2014
Game Rating RP
Mode Single player
Media and Distribution Digital Download
PS Vita Card
3DS Game Card

Harmony Unleashed: Rainbow Dawn: Blazin' Signs is a 2D action/adventure videogame developed by A.M. Games, WayForward Technologies and Arc System Works and published by Namco Bandai Games Inc. It's a spin-off of the Rainbow Dawn series with different graphics and Gameplay, like the Rainbow Dawn Dissidia fighting game. The game is set to be released in Early 2014 for portable devices such as the PlayStation Portable, Nintendo DS, Nintendo 3DS, Android, Apple iOS, and the PlayStation Vita, and soon the Home edition for PC, Mac (by Steam) and Ouya console.

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