Harmony Unleashed
Season 3.5 (YouTube Poop: The Series), Episode 7, 8
Vital statistics
Air date November 11, 2011
Written by Aaron Montalvo
Directed by Koichi Sakamoto
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Harmony Unleashed is the 3-parter Special YouTube Poop: The Series Event of Season 3 aired in November 11, 2011 as launch day for NaruIchi97 Television (replacing NaruIchi97's Toonami). The episode is rated TV-MA.


The TV-special 3-part episode "Harmony Unleashed" aired in November 11, 2011 in the launch day of NaruIchi97 Television to the United States along with GXC 5 at 9:30pm. The story is written by Aaron Montalvo and directed by Japanese director Koichi Sakamoto (known for Power Rangers)


The story is about a dark overlord nearly destroys Ponyville, tries to Destroy Equestria and kills Princess Celestia, the ruler of the sun, and it's up to Aaron and Twilight and their friends to stop him until is too late.