Robert "Rob" Renzetti is an American animator, director and screenwriter for animation.

Renzetti worked on TV animated shows and films as writer and director as well as animator such as, Dudley's Classroom Adventure, 2 Stupid Dogs, Dumb and Dumber animated series, Family Guy, Dexter's Laboratory, and even he created his show for Nickelodeon, known as My Life as a Teenage Robot. He currently worked for 2 seasons in My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic as story editor before Lauren Faust's departure, and now he works as story editor and supervising producer for Gravity Falls, created by Alex Hirsch for Disney Channel.

For the Harmony Unleashed Series, he is a story editor for the animated adaptation of the Anthro Bunraku series, and he will develop The Next as a media franchise sequel to the first in the near future as well as the EQG universe series, Equestria Campus Supremacy alongside Greg Weisman and Joss Whedon.