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Shingo Adachi (足立慎吾, Adachi Shingo) is a male animator living in Osaka, Japan. After graduating from Osaka University of the Arts, he does freelance animation with his wife, Haruko Iizuka.

Adachi is a little known for key animation in some anime series. Later on, He made character designs and animated for Xebec, such as Megaman NT Warrior Beast+ and Mega Man Star Force, and A-1 Pictures, such as Galilei Donna, Wagnaria!! and Sword Art Online.

For the Harmony Unleashed Series, He is the art and animation director for Harmony Unleashed: Equestrian Trinity, animation director for Harmony Unleashed: AppleSpark Chronicles, alongside Kazuchika Kise and Yoh Yoshinari, and the character designer for Harmony Unleashed: Spirit Brony High, adapting Akira Himekawa's concept. (Despite Production I.G's ban of moe in Psycho-Pass, unsure if it will affect Gargantia and the animated adaptation of Robotics; Notes due to the character design and art style. Same thing for Nishigori for AppleSpark Chronicles, since it's also by Production I.G.)